Zisline MV200/MV300 ICU Ventilator

Intensive Care Ventilator Zisline, versions MV200 / MV300 is a modern turbine-driven ventilator that developed to provide efficient respiratory support for all patients, from adults to chield and neonates. Zisline MV200 / MV300 includes a large number of innovative functions that were developed in close cooperation with leading Russian medical experts. The device provides continuous monitoring of gas exchange and evaluation of metabolic needs and has a mode of intellectual adaptive ventilation. Zisline MV200 / MV300 provides invasive mandatory and assisted as well as non-invasive ventilation. The friendly, intuitive interface allows using the device by medical personnel of different qualifications.


  • 12 ventilation modes
  • Advanced patient monitoring
  • Built-in turbine
  • Reliable autoclava
  • Integrated exhalation flow sensor
  • Extended respiratory monitoring


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