Bellavista 1000 ICU Ventilator

Non Invasive Package
Non invasive ventilation can be a very frustrating experience, when the ventilator lacks performance or is not capable to adapt to the patients breathing pattern. bellavista, a high end ventilator in its performance for invasive ventilated patients; combined with our NIV Package is the best you can get of both worlds. Our synchrony tools: AutoSync and AutoRise plus our adaptive leak compensation AutoLeak guarantee an outstanding NIV performance.
You get all this performance with a very silent turbine to limit noise pollution. For more information ask for our bellavista NIV brochure.

Neonatal Option
bellavista can be upgraded to ventilate premature babies, neonates and infants. New options like target volume ventilation from 2 mL, neonatal O2 flush configuration and nCPAP provide a customized, accurate, sensitive and comfortable ventilator. For more information ask for our bellavista NEO brochure.


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