SanBot 52UV 6040 Smart Sanitizer

  • Disinfection Tunnel with internal dimension of 600 mm by 400 mm
    space. Mild steel sheet metal body (1.5mm thickness) mounted on mesh
    type conveyor/motorised rollers. Reflective polish on the inside for
    maximum UV efficiency.
  • UVC Lamp array cartridge (including fixtures and ballast) and smart
    controller. The cartridge comes with an initial launcher packet of 20 pcs
    of UVC lamps
  • Voltage stabilizer & Power supply unit with 2m wire extension
  • Sensor based auto cut-off for optimum energy efficiency and with an
    timer circuit to cut off Light in-case no baggage is detected for an
    specified interval of time as well as auto cut off in case of belt stoppage.
  • Fire retardant lead belt flaps on either side to provide UV exposure
    protection for occupants.

Minimum Order Quantity 2 Units


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